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"Your book is very well done - it brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you for sharing this very personal family story that does and will impact many families." 

- A.M

"Thank you for this book.  I know it will be a great help to my granddaughter."

- M.M.B

"To you and your sons - you give us hope for a better world with this story. It will help so many families."

- M.Y


"Thank you for sharing your beautiful book. From the "our story" page to the end, I was moved by such a deep story of love and learning. What a wonderful gift to all those doing through this process."

- R.G 

"Thank you so much for this beautiful book.  We cannot wait to read it.  We hope that our kids are ready to share the difficult news with them, that this book will help." 

- M.D

"I just received your wonderful book today and really do appreciate the content and the illustrations.  The description and storyline are so much of what I am going through with my wife.  She also was a teacher and taught for 40 years.  We just thought that with several great-nieces and nephews that this book would be a great way to explain my wife’s condition. Thank you so much for writing this book."

 - Michael & Adrienne Moore

“Alzheimer's is about accepting every moment for what it is. It is a very personal journey with many families on this road. It comes down to love and acceptance." 

- Michelle Thompson, Minister of Health and Wellness


“As a daughter of an Alzheimer's patient who also has sons who watched their grandmother slowly slip away from them, I found this book tremendously relatable. It is said that  Alzheimer's is a long goodbye; that you grieve for a person who is still with you. My sons and I,  like Marie and her boys, watched our beloved mother and grandmother slip behind that curtain of forgotten today, to a place where tomorrows are uncertain. While there can be moments of levity in the search for misplaced items or mix-ups; the devastation of slowly losing the backbone of one's family is very real. The book certainly will help children deal with this loss. It is written in a child's voice and is married with soft, whimsical illustrations... It is sure to bring  comfort to many.” 

- Ruth McGinn, Teacher, Mom and Daughter  

“It’s Going to Be OK” is a tale of heartfelt love and warmth between three generations, - the  grandsons, the mother and the grandmother, beautifully illustrated by Meagan Smith."

- Sheldon Currie, Author Margaret’s Museum and Two Solitudes

"Your book is so touching. I really liked the forget me notes on each page what a wonderful touch. It’s a great book for children to understand this terrible disease."   

- Paula Snook

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